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The electronics in an electric guitar are sometimes overlook by players of all abilities, from novice to seasoned pro. It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the electronics are critical to an electric guitars ability to create the tones and volume control you have paid your hard earned money for. 

Wiring needs servicing, soldering needs to be checked for loose or cracked connections, pots and switches need to be cleaned and output jacks need some TLC too. 

It can be a difficult road to journey down but searching the on worldwide web gizmo can open up many possibilities and ideas as to what is kind of changes or modifications you may want to try. 

Re-wiring, vintage cloth or pvc wire? 

Changing pots, switches, output jack, pickups?

Treble bleed or 1950’s vs modern wiring?

Push pull pots to split coils, series & parallel?

Tone 2 control to the bridge pick up on a Strat?

Cheeky toggle switch for David Gilmour Mod?

Oh, suits you sir!!

Delve into the almost limitless world of wiring modifications or simply give you guitar electronics some love. 

I am happy to help with any requirements you have. 

I do not keep any pickups in stock and so please purchase new pickups prior to needing the work completed or a 20% non-returnable fee can be applied if ordered through Fuzzworld Guitars.

All prices below are subject to additional costs for parts + 20% unless parts supplied by the customer. 

General Works

£10 -  Touch up soldering/ clean pots/Capacitor Changes (From)

General Parts:

£8  -  Orange Drop Capacitors (Parts)

£5  -  Other Capacitors (Parts)

£3  -  Resistors (Parts)

£10 - Treble Bleed Components (Parts)

£10  - Standard Pot (Parts)

£12 - Bourns Push/Pull Pot (Parts)

£15 - CTS Push/Pull Pot (Parts)

£15* - 3, 4 & 5 Way Spring Level Switches (*From)

£6*  - Mini Toggle Switch (Parts) (*From)

Electrical Rewire 22AWG PVC Wire
£30 - Partial
£50 – Full

(+£20 For Hollow Bodies)

Electrical Rewire Vintage Cloth Wire

£40 - Partial 

£60 – Full 

(+£20 For Hollow Bodies)

Pre Amp & Input Jack Works 

£50 – Installation In Existing Cavity.

£70 – Installation In New Cut Cavity.

Full Copper Shielding:

(Includes Pickup Cavities & Pickguard/Control Covers & New Ground Wire Links Between Cavities).

£35 - Telecaster Style

£40 - Les Paul Style

£50 - Stratocaster Style

Output Jacks

£15 - Output Jack 

(+£20 For Hollow Bodies)

(Includes New Ground/Hot Wires)

£10 - Puretone Output Jack (Nickel/Black)

£15 - Puretone Output Jack (Gold)



£30 - Mini Toggle

£30 – 3 Way Toggle

£30 -5 Way Spring-Lever Switch

£40 – Other Switches (from)

(+£20 For Hollow Bodies)


£15 – 1 x Standard Pot 

£25 – 2 x Standard Pots

£35– 3 x Standard Pots

£45– 4 x Standard Pots

(+£20 For Hollow Bodies)

Pots With Switches

£30 – 1 x Push/Pull Pots       

£40 – 2 x Push/Pull Pots

£50– 3 x Push/Pull Pots

£60– 4 x Push/Pull Pots

(+£20 For Hollow Bodies)

Pickup Installation (No Routing)

£30 – 1 x Pickup (1 x Single or 1 x 2 Wire HB)

£40 – 2 x Pickups (2 x Single or 1 x 4 Wire HB)

£50 – 3 x Pickups (3 x Single Coil)

£70 - 2 x Pickups (2 x 4 Wire HB)

(+£20 For Hollow Bodies)

If you have a suitable wiring diagram that you have found and would like me to use, that’s all good too!!

I also draw up and provide free-of-charge wiring diagrams for most re-wires and large modifications. Please ask if this is something of interest.


I am happy to discuss and agree costs and to offer discounts for larger jobs, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07949 391969 to see what is possible. 

Puretone Gold_edited.png
Puretone Nickel_edited.png

Normally the push/pull is installed on the volume pot, but this for this wiring scheme we installed the push/pull pot in the tone 1 pot position.

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