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SUB-NOTES -Applicable To All Services

£60   - Essential Setup - Acoustic

£70   - Essential Setup - Electric

£90   - Intermediate Setup (+£20 For Hollow Bodies)

£130   - Fret Level & Essential Setup  - Acoustic

£140 - Fret Level & Essential Setup  - Electric

£160 - Advanced Setup (+£20 For Hollow Bodies)

All setups exclude the cost of strings and parts.

+ £20 Hollow Bodied Guitars (Electronics)

+ £20 for Floyd Rose or 12 String (All Setups)

Any issues discovered during the servicing of an instrument will be clearly communicated and no additional works or parts will be ordered or installed until you are comfortable with what is entailed and the costs.
Any additional parts or time may be subject to additional costs.
Any defective or worn parts that fail during the service of an instrument are at the risk and cost of the customer.
Strings & parts can be supplied at additional cost +20%. These costs are not included in any price list items unless cleared detailed.



This is the most basic but universally important set up. The geometry of the guitar is brought into tolerance, playing clearly & comfortably without excessive fret buzz or high action. 

- Re-string.
- Truss Rod Adjustment.
- Action and Intonation adjustment (within the limits of the truss rod and neck angle)
- Nut slot filing (where required)
- Clean and Polish. (Excluding fret wire polish)

If you are supplying your own strings, please bring the strings you intend to use for the future. Gauge and composition of the strings you use are important to the success and longevity of the set up. There is little point having a set up and then changing the brand/gauge/material type or mix of strings a few months later. 
I can provide the strings at cost plus 20% and any delivery charges. Please note this may add some additional processing time to the set up. 



This is a more in depth set up which includes all elements of the Essential Setup.
I will service the electronics fixing any crackling pots & switches and re-soldering any loose connections. 
The frets will receive a thorough clean & polish to remove any oxidisation, general dirt & grime from all of your hours of playing your instrument.
I will spot level any high frets that are affecting certain notes being played which wouldn’t be addressed during an Essential Setup.


- Everything from the Essential Setup PLUS
- Clean polish Frets
- Oil fretboard. (Open wood fretboards)
- Set pickups to optimum height.
- Deep clean of the instrument.
- Some spot levelling of the frets.
- Full electrical check (any replacement parts & components will incur some additional cost)



Over time and after many hours/years of playing your guitar some frets will wear out faster than others depending upon your playing style and string material and gauge. 
A full fret level and dress may be required.
This service levels the frets across the whole neck. It doesn't include for changing any fret wire. 


- Everything from the Intermediate Setup PLUS
- Full fret level, crown, dress & polish


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