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07949 391 969

39 Reculver Road

South Bermondsey


SE16 2RW

Mon - Fri: 10am - 9pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 9pm
​Sunday:    10am - 9pm

Drop Off & Collection:

Between 6:00pm - 9:00pm Mon- Fri

Between 11:00am - 9:00pm Saturday & Sunday

Please call or book using the online form

30 Day Warranty On All Works - Please Retain Your Tag


All guitars, both new and vintage alike benefit from regular tweaks, adjustments and some TLC in general. A well setup guitar is a joy to play and will certainly sound better as well. Over time a guitar will undergo minute and subtle changes that the player will 'acclimatize' to. The aim of a setup is to correct and reset the guitar back to its best form.


Frets are a very important part of your guitar, good quality, wear free and level frets play a large part of a guitar feeling and sounding great. The size and material will have a great impact on your sound and the feel of your guitar. A high-quality job is imperative for both the playability of the guitar and the life of the frets. 


The electronics in an electric guitar are sometimes overlook by players of all abilities, from novice to seasoned pro. It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the electronics are critical to an electric guitars ability to create the tones and volume control you have paid your hard earned money for. 

Wiring needs servicing, soldering needs to be checked for loose or cracked connections, pots and switches need to be cleaned and output jacks need some TLC too. 


A good quality nut fashioned from unbleached, bleached bone or TUSQ can do wonders for a guitars tone & playability, especially on the lower frets. Nuts can buzz & ping if worn or filed incorrectly. However, a well made nut with a nice flowing action is bliss.

Acoustic guitars benefit from bone saddles too.

Pre-cut & bespoke handmade nuts and saddles can be fitted, with many material options available to choose from.



After months of gigging, studio sessions or home jams strings will lose their lustre and your guitar may not be looking a feeling as fresh as it once did.

I offer a restringing service with an option for an additional deep clean.

Your new strings will be stretched to stabilize its tuning and the intonation will be adjusted also.

Strings aren't included in the charge so supplying your own strings can be cost effective or purchasing a set from the small stock I have available is also an option.


There are countless options when it comes to repairing and setting up guitars. To keep things light I haven't listed them all.

Please click the OTHER WORKS button below to peruse some additional services I offer.

Ad hoc works are charged at £40 per hour, but cost discussions and discounts for large jobs are welcome.


Guitar Cables made to order.

Standard or bespoke lengths.

Choose from straight or right angled jacks.

Female jack socket are also available. 

As a carry over from my buying & selling guitars days, where I would travel to collect & deliver guitars. I have found some guitar setup customers value the same approach. Please enquire if this service is of interest.

For distances not captured in the listed options, we can have some fun haggling a sensible fee. 


I stock items such as electric and acoustic guitar strings, capos, string winders, knobs & switch tip, straps & padded guitar cases-  but in limited quantities.

If you are in a bind it may be worth a phone call, especially if after hours when the stores are closed.


Queue jumping can be frowned upon socially... but needs must sometimes and so if you are in desperate need of having the works carried out immediately there is a £50 fee to do so. 

I aim to turnaround most setups within a week period or two weeks for larger jobs such as full re-frets.

Delays can happen and so timeframes are only a guide.

"I am committed to providing a friendly & professional service with only actual works required being carried out. I currently offer free consultation with no obligation to use my services. I give clear helpful advice & good communication is maintained throughout the process should we proceed with any works. My mission is to make every instrument I work on, to be the best it can be. I have many happy and repeat customers who are very happy with the works undertaken.

Depending upon distance I can collect & deliver issuing a fully detailed invoice/receipt, there are some

free and cost options for this service. However, booked in drop offs are very welcome also. Please use the booking function on the website or better still please feel free to call me to discuss the works and an appointment.

Your instruments are precious things and I go the extra mile to make sure they are treated with the care, respect and attention to detail that they deserve. I also provide a time lapse video of most works carried out. 

I had bought & sold guitars for over 10 years all fully refurbished, repaired and setup before selling them to happy customers. Following positive feedback and numerous requests to setup/repair the guitars of the buyers I had sold to, I decided a little over a year ago to concentrate solely on my setup & repair business. I work from home during the weekday evenings and over the weekends working on guitars. It is a passion and labour of love.

This also means that I am available out of normal hours, which I have been told is very handy".

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